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Formation of the dogs 

Our dogs are trained to located buried one's fast and surely. By barking they display exactly the place, in which they smell the smell of a buried one. So the salvage forces can dig exactly there and save the buried one fast. In the rubble it is possible with the dogs help to locate buried victims, which are under up to 6 meters rubble. During the search, the dogs are diverted neither by salvage forces, spectators, meal remainders, clothes, noise, machines or other animals.

Contrary to other squadrons our dogs are also trained to locate corpses or corpse pieces. During the search the dogs differentiate between the smell of corpses and dead animals and bark only with the smell of corpses. We trained our dogs therefore specially in this case so that with their assistance the deceased can be saved carefully and buried afterwards. We cannot help these victims any longer, but by the salvage of corpses the danger of epidemics in a disaster area reduces.

Our dogs are also trained to locate drowning victims and this up to to depth of water of 60 meters. From the boat the dogs display the place, in which they smell the smell of a drowning. So divers are able to salvage drowning also in flood areas really fast.

Therefore it is also possible to salvage the victims after mudslides with the help of the dogs.

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